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The objective of the Portuguese programme is to raise participants’ proficiency in Portuguese language to a high level while acquiring a solid grounding of knowledge of the Lusophone world. The Portuguese programme is offered as a minor. To complete a minor in Portuguese students are required to take a total of 36 credits.

BA Syllabus

Learning Outcomes
Students who have completed a BA programme in Portuguese should be able to:

Appreciate the cultural diversity of the Lusophone world.
Participate in situational conversations relating to topics in current affairs, social, and cultural issues at an advanced level of essential vocabulary and expressions in Portuguese
Demonstrate the ability to address issues and problems related to the Portuguese language and Lusophone cultures creatively and as independent learners
Apply knowledge of Portuguese to the critical evaluation of differences and commonalities with their own culture.
Communicate with people from other cultures and recognise cultural differences
Encourage and respect the contributions of people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds
Understand and use complex linguistic structures
Use knowledge of Lusophone cultures and societies and Portuguese language skills to act as a bridge between Portuguese speakers and the people of Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China


Portuguese Programme